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You have a date with bea, your bush is making a come back and it seems like its growing wilder than ever, your mums words ring in your hear “Leave it alone, its only going to come back more than before” well looks like they heard her alright, because here they are, back in full force. This means you have to schedule your wax appointment, but you don’t want to because its going to be painful. Well before you schedule or cancel here’s is what you need to know;

woman at cosmetics salon waxing legs

woman at cosmetics salon

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Disclaimer: There’s no guarantee of a painless wax session.

The Different Waxing Style;

  1. Not everybody loves a full blown Brazilian wax, lucky for you, there is the Full-Bush Brazilian. All the hair from your labia and buttocks are taking out leaving the bush unscathed.
  2. If you are looking for clean and bald, the Brazilian Wax is it. All hair would be removed from between the butt cheek to the bikini area and inside the labia.
  3. For first timers the Bikini is recommended. All hair would be removed from your pant line, leaving your bush triangle shaped, you can also ask for a trim.
  4. For the women who love to have fun, the Landing Strip is recommended. It covers all the areas like a Brazilian wax but leaves a shape that you love e.g heart shape.

The Type Of Wax

  1. If you prefer organic products or you have a sensitive skin, Sugaring or Honey wax is what you should ask for. This wax can be used cold which means you avoid getting burnt and it is also gentle on the skin because its made from natural ingredients.
  2. If you have coarse or thick hair around your underarm or panty lines then the Hard wax is what you should get. This method is a patch placed of your skin and taken off once it cools down. you can get them in pharmaceutical stores if you want to do the waxing on your own.
  3. Removing hair in large areas like arms and leg require the Strip wax, this product is used together with a cloth, it is quick and the pain is felt quickly. It is the most well know type of wax.


Now you know what to do and what to get make sure to ask for the ones you want.

Have you had waxing done? Share your thoughts in the comment section below

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