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Nothing is more important than proper hygiene when it comes to taking care of your teeth, if your teeth is not properly taking care of they can break down and cause lose of tooth’s and decay. There are so many important ways to take care of your teeth and one of the important ways is to Floss everyday.


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Why do you need to Floss everyday?

Without flossing your teeth would build up plague which leads to tartar and every other gum disease, it also leads to increase of cavities in areas where your tooth brush cannot reach. This means you need to floss everyday so that you can get out those food particles your tooth brush cannot reach.

What Happens if You don’t floss?

There are several things that can happen if you don’t floss everyday, first is the fact that you are no likely to smile at all because you are not proud of your teeth, others include;

  • Increased cavities would start to form around the tiny holes your tooth brush can’t get into, you’ll know the effect when cold and hot water start to affect your teeth.
  • Tartar would build up, caused by plague if not addressed properly it can send you to the dentist.
  • Bad breath is another factor you can’t avoid if you don’t floss.
  • Gingivitis and other gum disease are only waiting to strike if you leave out losing.

Save yourself tooth aches by flossing everyday, its an inexepensive way to prevent an expensive build up. Remember a Healthy teeth equals an amazing smile.

Share your dental stories in the comment section below, you never know who you might be saving.

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