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Afro hairstyle is in no way a new concept, but this old hairstyle is taking a firm hold, as it’s seen rocked among the young and old. Research has it that black women’s transition to natural styles is having a huge economic impact, which is leading many to believe that this is not a fad, but a permanent shift. Well, this article is strictly for the Afro lovers and intending naturalistas in the house.

For most people on their natural hair journey, they would have to at one point meet with some challenges, especially on the issue of maintenance.

Then what if your Afro is not the natural one? Of course, the opposite of natural is artificial. This is where the artificial Afro comes to play. However, whether you decide to transition first or you decide to stick to the artificial Afro hairstyle which involves going for that hair extension, various styling tips are there for you, day in day out.

Sometimes it gets boring styling the natural Afro, but it’s a lot easier with the artificial, as it already has a way you can easily style it. What are these styling tips we are even talking about? Well, a lot of options exist, be it styling with both your natural hair and/or with your Kinky extensions.

These call for very amazing hairstyles. The most important factor here is ensuring you have a very curly Afro hair on your natural hair, because it’s those tight curls, once combed out, that gives the style its shape and definition. Whatever be the case, here are the Afro hairstyle inspirations for you;

Afroo 1

Hello World

Afroo 4

Afroo 3

Afroo 2

Afroo 5

Afroo 6




Afro hairstyles are indeed amazing!

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