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The stark reality hits you in the face when you step out and nobody is admiring what you have on or when a friend of yours asks you “B what do you have on like this”. The truth is, based of so many experiences, there are times when we feel that we’ve hit the nail on the fashion head and it turns out that we’ve actually just dug a fashion trap for ourselves and it’s often worse with the print fabric. One trait about African print is that while you have figured out the style you want to create, your tailor might end up making a nuisance of the piece or perhaps it’s your fault that the style was botched in the first place and so when you wear such a piece out there you would find that people probably just turn up their noses to you because well – you do look botched. How then do you solve this problem?

First you need to realize that there are certain style that would probably not go with some print fabric. Next if your tailor has botched your piece more often than not then you need to seek someone else’s help. Next is actually taking your sweet time to search for the style that actually goes with your stature – there’s an important thing I left out, known that not all African prints are meant for your skin tone, this is another major issue out here; just because it is ‘Ankara’ does not mean it is meant for you.

To help you find the perfect style, we have an interesting selection right her, keep scrolling to read…

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