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History is changing quite rapidly in this millennial. Of cause it’s not all roses, there are still thorns but in moments like these we have to think back to when the process was even more cumbersome. For example, the Ankara rule. The African print considered traditional was once to be worn only on Fridays – as a Friday casual while more western textures and fabrics could be worn during the week. Everyone wanted to maintain the status-quo and although regular Nigerians who worked for themselves wore their pieces anytime the other’s who were in the offices weren’t allowed to.

I remember seeing politicians and their wives wear traditional pieces to functions and wondered why people didn’t adopt this style, not necessarily because it is “traditional” but because it is beautiful. Fast forward to 2018 and all of that is rapidly changing. There are people who are advocating for more caftans and less suits and tie because in all honesty while what you wear helps to boost your morale, as far as it is not offensive but neat, beautiful and makes you confident, it should not be a bother. And as for the African print, the styles and patterns and the ways they are sewn now is so different that you can mistake an African print for something else.

The African print has another face now and it’s fabulous, it’s not necessarily traditional and it’s not not-traditional easy. It however provides the perfect balance, something you would be proud to wear.


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