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Now, crochet braids are gaining popularity again. They are the in thing now and there are several ways of styling them. However, these braids are different than the braids of the nineties. The first thing you will notice is that hair used for crochet braids is much more natural looking. This means that the hairstyles that you can create with crochet braids look more like traditional natural hairstyles.

You have probably mistaken crochet braids for natural hair. You’ll be taught everything you need to know about crochet hairstyles here.

Many people are confused when it comes to understanding crochet braids. The name isn’t specific to the type of hair that’s used to create crochet braids, instead the name refers to the method that’s used to add the extensions to your hair. The crochet method is similar to getting certain types of weaves, in that you must first cornrow your hair before any extensions are added.

However, unlike a weave that is a large section of hair that is sewn in, in this instance the hair is loose. A crochet needle is inserted into the cornrow braid. Then, a small amount of hair is threaded onto the needle and pulled through the cornrow braid and tied in a knot to secure it to the hair.

Braidless Crochet

Hello World

Now you know about crochet braids, but what about braidless crochet hairstyles? You simply know this through a video tutorial which will not only show you what it looks like, but show you how best to achieve it.

Watch this video on how to achieve a braidless crochet easily;

Source: Chev. B

Your braidless crochet looks as good as ever when you know how best to achieve it!

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