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I hope you all are having a great day as i am. Where are all my accessory lovers at?When it comes to piling on jewelry or sacrificing my ear lob for a very heavy but so fab statement earring, i’m all for it! Nothing is ever too much or hurts at all when it comes to fashion. I’m a very big fan of accessories especially the major trends that i’m going to discuss with you; Knuckle rings,ear cuffs and open ended necklace these are accessories that every girl should have in her jewelry collection.

Knuckle Rings: For a while now, big rings have taken the back seat for those super tiny but cute rings.Knuckle rings are those tiny thin rings in gold or silver that are super feminine that rest on the knuckles.They don’t fit entirely on the finger.They add that bling to any outfit yo go with,from sporty chic to parties or to the office.They are so sophisticated and chic.Knuckle rings can be piled on, and also come in statement designs that will make you look super posh or classy depending on what you’re going for. I always advise you get your nails properly pedicured to bring out the beauty of the knuckle rings. You don’t want to be all dolled up with the rings and your finger nails are in bad shape. Don’t be predictable and wear your knuckle rings in a very unique way.

knuckle rings

knuckle rings

Hello World

Ear cuffs: This is one trend almost every girl is jumping on because  it is very easy to pull off and it looks so cool and funky and the fact that no piercing is required. They’re a subtle style statement that can remain slightly hidden and dainty, or can be extravagant. You can style them with a shirt or opt for an elegant dress.I always advise to keep the rest of the accessories simple like no necklaces, just a ring is enough.Also pull your hair back or do a side-part, and tuck your hair behind your cuffed ear for more beauty. Serah Alabi is looking so cute with her gold ear cuffs.

Serah Alabi

Serah Alabi

Open ended necklace: The Open ended necklace is one trend everyone is trying out now because it is different from the normal necklace that get hooked and because they are stunning,trendy and easy to wear.In open ended, both ends of the necklace come together but don’t actually meet.I love how it draws attention to the neckline.The best part about the open ended necklace is the ability to put it on and off without you struggling to secure the closure behind your head and without it tangling with your hair.Karen All does justice with her open ended necklace.

Karen All

Karen All

I hope you all this trend like i do and re willing to add it to your jewelry collections. knuckle rings,ear cuffs and open ended necklace is  a must have!

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Have a great day. xoxo Thonia

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