Necklaces You Should Wear and How


Accessories add zest to an outfit, the right accessories can turn your clothing from bland to glamorous as it gives your outfit a brand new meaning. Knowing how to pair the right accessories is another ball game entirely because once it is worn in the wrong way and with the wrong apparel it can  appear clownish and outrageous.


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As fashion forward women we must be able to know when to tune down and tune up our accessories so as not to become the joke of the town. But once you get it right, its fabulous  fabulous  all the way. so we would be looking at awesome ways to add beauty and sparkle to your outfit with necklaces.

Here are some interesting ways you can accessorize.

This is a perfect accessory to wear with strapless tube gowns or top, it re-defines you as an African woman. this neck piece is old gold and black wood mixture which is catchy.



This shredded brown leather and silver necklace accessory has been paired with this jean skirt and shorts to give the look a spark.



This accessories definitely works well with work cloths as the each give life to the outfits. so you can rock this accessories without qualms.



The first picture is a simple cold cuff necklace that can be worn almost anywhere. the second picture is a 4 step metallic chain necklace worn well with a black top to give it an appeal.



This multiple step pearl like neck piece can serve you for both weddings and you can also pair it with your English wear if you are looking for volume.



Wrapping this up with this beautiful neck piece worn by our woman crush Wednesday Miss Kedike herself Chidinma Ekile. This is pearl necklace is definitely the kind of neck piece you would want to rock to a wedding if you’re sporting a tube dress or gown.

miss kedike




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