Though, forever is a long time but when you find the right partner that is exactly how long you want to be in love. Study have shows that out of a hundred percent couples who were married for more than ten years, 45% reported that they were still very much in love with their partner. So how do you know if your love life will last? Here is a list of things to lok out for in your partner to know if you will be together for a long time;

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1. I only have eyes for you

You don’t have to worry if others are complaining that their partner secretly checks out others when they aren’t looking. If your partner makes you feel like you are the only person they want to be partnered with, then you would never feel jealous about the way they act with anyone else because they wouldn’t treat you with disrespect.

2. We value your opinion

Identifying ones behavior is another key to a long term success in marriage, when you bring up a topic in conversation, your partner shows interest by engaging in a positive discussion. When your partner ask you what you think and genuinely seems interested in the answer, you feel appreciated and you know that they value your input and want to include you in the decisions that they have to make, big or small.

3. Honestly, I do

When your partner tells you their secret and ask you yours, it shows that they want to know you deeply and make sure that nothing is off the table. If you have discussed your hopes, fears, family, finances and the things that you won’t compromise on, then you are on the right track to forever love.

4. Listen up

When your partner supports you by listening to understand you and validate what you have said, they demonstrate a deep caring for you and supporting your partners good news with enthusiasm is a predictor of current and future happiness.

5. Intimate ways

If your partner is intimate with you not just in the bedroom, then you have got a forever kind of love. $3x is an important part of our lives but connecting with someone without $3x is also healthy, touching, talking and playing are ways we can connect intimately with our partners and not just the bedroom.

6. I feel your pain

When you are hurt, your partner is also hurt, they are so connected to you that your emotions become theirs, a setback for one of you is a setback for both of you. This is an emotional bond that strengthens your connection, when you face a challenge, you can hold each other close and work together to build the other back up and come back stronger as a team than you were individually before.

7. Feel right

If your partner works to repair any damage that was done in the way that hurts your feelings, you now know that your relationship is even stronger and you are on your way to forever love. if your partner learns the hot button topics that will set you off and avoids those subjects, then they have made an unspoken gesture of kindness toward you. Their respect for your preferences helps to avoid conflict in the first place.

8. Promise to compromise

When your partner loves you, they are willing to work to find a compromise that will make both of you happy. By being generous with your partner you build a relationship of respect and appreciation that builds long term bonds.

9. Time is money

How we spend our time is a reflection of our priorities, if your partner makes sure to spend time with you then you can bet that you are important to them.

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please keep me anonymous and pls help me post this ASAP pls,pls,pls!
I feel something is not right with me…
I’ve always heard age has nothing do with love and relationships and i always believed i’m really not a fan of dating a guy that his age falls into my age bracket i always gave at least 5yrs difference and I’ve been fine with it until early this yr after i broke up with my ex. . I don’t know how but i met this guy on IG and we started talking and flowing well and then in a week of knowing him i got to know i’m 3yrs older than him! I was shocked cos he looks bigger and sounded more mature and then he’s like it’s cos of the fact he’s not in Nig(he’s based in Germany ) on the other hand he still didn’t blive my age either cos my face betrays my age so much*i look like a 16yr old but i’m way older dan dt* but we passed the age thing and then ltr on all i knw is we kinda like started liking each other the other way and then he’s telling me age is nothing it was hard but i finally agree to it cos i liked him so much already and so i’ll like to say we started dating. He was all shades of sweet*smiles*and so caring and then he gave me everything he heard me talk abt that i wanted even when he knws i wrk whenever i remember the age diff i feel ashamed collecting money and all frm him. He noticed everything including my hair! He’s meant to come in this festive period to see me that was our plan he has bought his ticket and all. I noticed recently that his attitude changed and i confronted him and he’s like he thought abt everything and doesn’t want to feel guilty in future cos obviously i’ll be ready for marriage b4 him *but honestly i’m not yet ready for marriage *that, it’ll take like another 5-6yrs b4 he thinks of it and that by then time wnt be on my side(cos since i’ve graduate d and I’m wrkin it’s expected i get married soon *according to Nig context *) and that he doesn’t want to date me and i leave him when i can no longer wait then i’ll blame him for wasting my time and also cos he really loves me and so leaving me after i’ve grown so much into him will be so painful for him not that he’s not pained now but he can still mange it.

Dear Confused

Dating a guy that you are older than is not of a big deal, it is just the way our society makes it feel weird. Sure there are somethings that are different about dating someone who isn’t your age but for the most part, it is not a big deal. You don’t have to be ashamed of your boyfriend irrespective of the age, if he is matured enough to take up his responsibilities then why be ashamed?

This guy is just being honest and trying to save both of you from serious heartbreak because there is no point starting something that is not leading anywhere. He might be trying to know your mind if you will be ready to wait and won’t give up along the line and if you feel you are ready to be patient with him to get his life sorted out, then you can communicate with him because that is what can drive a relationship forward.

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