When queen Beyonce asked “who run the world” all ladies where screaming ‘GIRLS’ and yet we are all here lonely, sad, single and running after a man who will make us lonelier and sadder eventually. I have finally come to the realization that single ladies are competent in achieving many things in this world other than running after men. Women are strong, independent and more fun when they are not stressed in impressing a guy or satisfying his ego. Here are 11 things you should be chasing instead of running after a man;

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1. Your dream job

A wise man once said that it is better to do what you love than try to love what you do, because the latter would be much difficult to accomplish in life. Use that energy and time that you were otherwise going to spend on keeping a man happy in trying your best to get the job that had always been your dream since you were 15.

2. A big promotion at your current job

Relationship always comes with lot of responsibility, lot of time would be wasted that could otherwise be spent productively. Instead of going out of your way to work for a guy that may or may not be there for you a few years down the line, work towards that huge promotion at your office.

3. Make friends

It is surely an amazing feeling to have a boyfriend that will cuddle with you and keep whispering sweet nothings in your ear, but it is a better feeling to have a group of girlfriends who will always look out for you and will be there when you want to party. You will be left with friends who are infinitely more patient and tolerable than a boyfriend.

4. Food

It’s hard to find anything more satisfying than food, go have a cheeseburger or dessert that you have been craving to have and everything else will start to feel good. Instead of running after a man who can’t appreciate you, run after that new restaurant that is offering the best food or places with magnificent desserts and start indulging in a bottle of wine occasionally and the need for being with a man will absolutely become unnecessary.


5. A healthier lifestyle

Take all the time and energy that you use on chasing after men, use it to run after a healthy lifestyle. Working out will help you look and feel healthy and once you start looking and feeling great, you will stop feeling the need for a man .

6. A completely new hobby

It is an amazing feeling to pick up a new hobby and excel in it, keep trying different things to discover the talent you never knew you had, a talent that can make you feel like an accomplished individual instead of constantly feeling like the loser who runs after men who won’t even reward her with some attention.

7. Achieving peace of mind

You need to search for things that will help you achieve inner peace in a world full of people who try to convince you that a single woman is restrained until she has a man to support her. It doesn’t matter how you achieve your own happiness and fulfillment, you should always run and aim after the goal of your happiness.

8. Turning into a better person

Many woman do not realize what a huge blessing single-hood really is, things might be extremely difficult in the start but it is the best opportunity to start concentrating on yourself and making yourself a better human being. Instead of constantly drowning in self pity over not having a guy in your life, start working towards being a better person for yourself as well as for the people around you.


9. That bucket list you keep tucked away in your lowest drawer

It’s always best to make a bucket list of things that you need to accomplish by the time you are of a certain age. If you have never had the time to make one, then this is the betst time. Write a list of things you ever wished to do in life, then do them without staying tied down by someone like a clingy boyfriend.

The point of this article is to explain how having a man should not be a predominant driving force of your life. The last thing you should ever do is run after a guy regardless of whether he is the right guy for you, the right guy will surely gravitate towards you if you start working towards your self improvement.

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