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There are days when you wake up with a raging headache and you feel your brain would possibly burst open, the worst thing about this experience is the fact that you have no clue where this is coming from all you know is the pain you feel which feels like you’ve been hit on the head with a two by four. Below is a list of things you might be doing that could cause this headaches;

Staring at the Computer all day

You can’t help but stare at the bright screen of the computer all day which puts a huge strain on your eye and then your head. The solution is to take breaks every hour to rest them or get a screen shield to minimize the glare.


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Raging Hormones

If you are on a birth control pill and you switched it, this can throw off your estrogen level. If this becomes a reoccurring problem then pay a visit to your gynecologist.



Dehydration can happen anywhere any day, whether you are racing the tracks or at your desk all day and dehydration leads to a whole other level of headaches. The simply solution is to constantly keep a bottle of water beside you that you can sip all day.


Too Tight Hairstyle

Everyone loves a slick back pony tail or french braid but it could be the reason you wake up with a headache simply because it has been pulled on too tight, this is also true for other too tight hairstyles. Simple solution, try loosening it or take it off.


Attacking Your Senses

Well you are not in control of this and you might be allergic, depending on what affects your senses. common offenders, perfume, tobacco, gasoline etc so its important to always carry peppermint or lavender essential oils to counter the smell.


Eye Strain

If you find yourself squinting all the time then you need to see an eye doctor because squinting causes tension around the eyes and forehead which can lead to— yea headaches. A visit to the doctor would proffer a solution.


Food that contain Sulfites (Sulfide).

You may not know this but eating a lot of sulfites might be the cause of those terrible headaches. Dried food like cheese, smoked food, cured or pickled food contain sulfites. Try to keep a food journal in order to narrow it down to see if this is indeed the cause of the headaches.


No more Caffeine

The struggle is real when it comes to giving up caffeine, it is expected that you would have headaches and mood swings for two week. The solution is to steadily decrease your intake as this would lessen the withdrawal symptom.


What has been the major cause of your headaches? Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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