One very important thing that women should have is a good image. Imagery and branding doesn’t work for big companies alone it’s also something that every individual must pay attention to, especially women. As a woman it is hard enough that you are not treated equally and this means you have to put double efforts into everything you do therefore you have to pay particular attention to your image and social media presence.

This world where the internet has made things a little easier means you would have online presence like a Linked In profile, Instagram account or Facebook and/or twitter account whereby potential employers or business partners might go through in order to understand who you are. This presence makes for a easier judgement of character therefore you do not want to put anything up that would practically throw off any person that visits this pages.


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Now that we’ve established that physical and online presence affects how people access you lets take a look at the reasons why your image is important;

  1. To put your best foot forward, whether you are meeting up with a potential client or employer you have to make a good first impression because this is the only thing that would be registered in the mind of the individual and it has been proven scientifically.
  2. This days many employers screen potential employee’s with their social media pages because this makes it easier to make a good hiring decision.
  3. It is known that some company’s have fired their staffs because of their behaviors or pictures from social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  4. Social media sites are used in court for divorce cases, so you have to be wise with the way you put up pictures or what you say on social media platforms like Facebook or else anything can be used against you in court.
  5. Even colleges and universities are not safe, a lot of admissions officers have admitted to going through social media pages to access applicants.
  6. If you have a terrible reputation on social media then this could also affect those that are around you or those who share your last name.
  7. Attraction helps a lot, if you are qualified but unattractive you may not get the job, many hiring managers have admitted to this fact.
  8. If you are beautiful and outgoing there is the tendency that you would make much more than your homely counterpart, therefore your image might be the bases for your growth, just ask bloggers and vloggers.
  9. What you say on the internet is very important because it can be there forever. So you have to watch out because this might affact your image in future.

This are the 9 reasons why your image is important.

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