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I believe my coffee lovers are already ignoring this post and saying in their minds “what is she talking about, give up coffee, I would do no such thing”. Well, lets be honest coffee is like the best thing in the world but then aren’t you a little curious to find out what would happen to you if you indeed gave up coffee?

As usual research would provide the answer, and it didn’t disappoint here are what you should expect if you give up coffee, lets scroll through to find out;

You just might stop having breakouts


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Coffee is highly acidic and the fact that high level of acid mixes with caffeine causes a lot of havoc on your stress hormone which controls the level of oil your body produce, this means coffee reduction=breakout reduction.

And appear dewy with an amazing glow


Too much coffee a day (four to five cups and above) can leave your skin feeling parched and over dehydrated, so if you reduce the intake your skin would head back to being dehydrated hence it would have an amazing glow.

And perhaps you would save chunks of money


If you don’t treat yourself to that latte every week you would be saving yourself a lot of money like a boss.

So you wouldn’t be such a drag all the time.


Caffeine isn’t all bad but too much of it can cause caffeine toxicity which causes conditions such as mood swings, insomnia and anxiety.

But be more successful 

giphy (1)

Caffeine has been known to increase productivity but after it wears off it can slow you down hence your sleeping in the middle of the day.

And you would sleep like a baby

Baby boy (5-7 months) sleeping, close-up

Baby boy (5-7 months) sleeping, close-up

The more coffee you drink the more your sleeping reduces, you get my drift…

Your teeth would be whiter

Close up of African American woman smiling

Yes folks, its no news that too much coffee makes your teeth turn brown.

Your abs may become flatter (who knows)


Coffee bloating is not a myth folks, its very real, this occurs when the caffeine triggers spasms in your digestive system.

And you would feel crappy


Although you might get withdrawal symptoms like headaches etc but they only last one to two weeks so be strong.

Is this enough to keep you away from your coffee obsession? Leave your answers in the comments box below.

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