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I do say I don’t like the colour blue for certain reasons however I find that when it comes to colour, some of my favourite pieces are blue. Why would someone who openly detest the colour blue have so many blue’s in her closet. I have an answer whether you know it or not, the hue is a very attractive one, depending on the shades, outfits, purses and general fashion items made from the colour are completely attractive.

Blue might not be my favourite colour but what about you? If blue if your favourite colour or you secretly like it just like I do then you already pretty much own varying items of clothing and accessories in different shades however do you know how to piece together a goo look with your “beloved” colour. This is what we would be treating today. As much as we already admit that the hues are so attractive, wearing them correctly whether with similar shades or with other colours is another thing entirely. Just like everything that has to do with fashion, you must remember that presentation is key so for instance if you want to wear a washed up blue denim and something else that is blue then you could mix it up with an print Ankara blouse, top, jacket etc… Just like Angel Obasi did here…


Hello World

There are some individuals that have gotten a hang of what it means to be stylish and what it means to transform one’s look with colours and Angel Obasi, the style connoisseur is one of these people. Let’s take a look at the ways she offers different variations on how to wear the colour BLUE…

Angel Obasi Tastefully | Look-Book

Dual Deep Blue

Blue Print

Teal Blue

Dark Print

Silk Print

Two Piece Silk Print

Blue Extra

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