Girls tend to fall for guys who pretend to listen to them all day and give them excessive commendation and consistent mentioning of how nice they are and care for her every time. The nice guys grabs a girl’s attention by continuous trying to prove that they are nice even if they are not. This are difficult category of men because you can never know what is going on beneath that nice exterior, so here are a few lies “nice guys” tell that you shouldn’t believe;


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1. I deserve all the chances because I am nice

There is a fine line between being nice for real and forcing someone to think that you are nice. A so called nice guy would be so nice to you all the time but keep count of every good he has done for you so that you owe him much, he will never give up easily because he he knows he would get something good for little effort. He will manipulate you in every way he can until you crack and decide to give it a try.

2. I am nicer to you than any other guy

A man who considers himself nicer that other guys you have come in contact with, will try as much as he can to ridicule all the other guys and will make sure the conversation ends where he is the nicest of all. He will point out all your past relationships that were bad and make you feel bad about it, he will take the argument to a level where you might think that he is the only good thing that could ever happen to you.

3. I am A rare gem

This is the commonest thing you will get to hear again and again because to them, it’ true and you can search the whole world but will not find someone like them. This sentence is used only for them to get into your pants. A nice guy does not shout out that he is nice, his actions should prove that he is nice.

4. I always have friend zone

Every new girl they meet is a new target for them and if the girl is not interested in them, they will opt for the sympathy trick. the one thing that these guys lie about the most is getting friend zone which is not usually in their plans because that would mean a lot of effort until you agree he can be something more than that. They make a great deal out of the friend zone to get with girls.

5. I don’t like your other friend because they hit on you

They cannot bear seeing you with other male friends, they will constantly bash him and even if it is just a honest friendship, they will tint it with jealousy and over protectiveness. To them every guy wants to have $3x with you and you should stay far away from them because only he is good for you, even if you are not dating this nice guy, he will never let you date anyone else. He will always be with you so no one else should have a chance.

6. I am very decent so I am nice

Decency is not when you have to be told to stay in your limit, it comes from within an you do not have to be guided to be nice. They will not ask before advancing on you and will stop only when you show how uncomfortable you are, a really good guy will wait for you to show some kind of signal that you are ready for something more.

7. I don’t have anyone else other than you

A nice guy will make you feel like you are the most important part of his life and that is him being nice so you can get all his attention. He will hang out with his friends almost everyday but when you want to go somewhere where he cannot go, he will try to keep you close to him. He will try to isolate you from everyone else and make you devote yourself to him alone because he is the only guy that was nice to you. You will be left with broken friendships and forgotten family before you realize it.

8. I should be treated differently because I am nicer than others

Even when you are not in a relationship with such a guy, he will expect to get special treatment from you because he deserves it. Being nice comes from within and means you care for others but the guys who consider themselves nice are in it for  just their own selves. They really do not have to do anything to be nice, they brag about anything they do and expect you to treat them like you owe them courtesy.

What other lies have you heard from the “nice guys”? Share with us below.

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