We all fight with our significant other and sometimes over irrelevant issues, though, couples fight are normal and a fact of life but the most important thing is not taking it to be a big deal. Truth be told, it is sometimes good to argue with your partner because it will help you move out of your comfort zone and realize the significance of your partner, though sometimes we want to have the upper hand in our relationship and we cross the line just to have the last word, without further addo, here are 8 normal fights couples have;


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1. He wants to spend money on this and you want to spend the money on that, this happen so often e.g you want to go on vacation and your significant other wants to buy new tires to his cars. He doesn’t agree to the vacation and you disagree the buying of new tires.

2. He wants to have $3x and you don’t, this can also cause argument and fight that are unnecessary but it can bring mutual understanding.

3. He hugged the duvet the whole night, this is one of the most common fight couples have. Every time you move closer to your partner at night, he/she pulls an inch away.

4. You were late getting ready for the party again, this is common with women as they will want to look fascinating and as such they (female partner) will not see what the problem was.

5. His mom said something snarky to you and he didn’t defend you in front of her. You should understand that she brought him into this world.

6. He forgot your important event, hopefully he has good reasons and you should know that he loves you more regardless of anything.

7. You both want to spend holiday with your respective family who happens to live five states away from each other, you both need to learn how to compomise.

8. You are super messy and your partner constantly needs to remind you where the shoes belong to when you know exactly where they should be.

What other common fights or argument have you had with your partner? Share with us in the comment section below.

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