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What’s crazy about this millennium is how we’ve embraced so many past styles, even looks from the 1920’s Gatsby era has been merged with what modern women love this days. One of the new fads we are most obsessed about however is the use of African print fabrics to create works of arts. The African print didn’t always have a fantastic background, there were times when many top people in the society would frown on designers for even attempting to create full collections using the fabric, in days like this it was mostly worn as elaborate boubou dresses by middle and lower class Nigerians and the upper class used it only for traditional purposes after-all it is a part of our “tradition” and then traditional elements like the Ankara, the Aso-Oke, the Adire, the Akwete and the likes were worn when we had to celebrate cultural themed event.

Here’s a style made from a known native igbo fabric…

Hello World

The break from this norm started when many designers realized that one of the ways to stand out in international fashion world was to use fabrics that were not mainstream, also to the praise of some of this designers they enjoyed sharing their cultures with the world, the likes of Modela, Frank Oshodi, Ituan Basi, Jewel By Lisa and others broke the boundaries and thus began the evolution that we the millennial’s have fully embraced. Thanks to our embrace people like Stella Jean and Stella McCartney, international fashion designers have used the fabric in some of their creations. We are happy and proud of the African print fabric and now that it has become a symbol of creativity for us, we only expect it to be bigger. For the average Nigerian all we care about now is making sure that we have the latest show stopping style in our closets.

We too are average Nigerians and we are ready with 8 Ankara styles that would get you through the week…

8 Ankara Styles + 1 week | Guide Book 🌼









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