The best thing any girl or guy can do for his/herself is to end a toxic relationship but you need to end the relationship peacefully so that it won’t leave you emotionally drained and negative. It’s likely that your relationship would not have a happy ending if you and your partner are in a battle, ending the relationship with your dignity intact and feeling positive about the future is the best way. You should seek love elsewhere if you are not getting it from your partner, here are 7 ways you can peacefully end a toxic or loveless relationship;


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1. Surround yourself with positive social support

When you want to peacefully put an end to a toxic relationship, your social support system will be very important to you. You will be surprised how your friends will help you when they know that you are suffering, bounce up and ask your friends for their input.

2. Be objective about the relationship

Try to look at the relationship as if you were setting each person up on a date for the first time. Questions like what do the two of them have in common? How about their differences? If you met your partner today, would you be attracted to them? Would you even be friends? These observations or question will help you to gain perspective on your toxic relationship.

3. Find what you are lacking that is keeping you from leaving

There is definitely something keeping you in a harmful relationship but whatever it is once you know it, ask yourself if it wouldn’t be an issue if you had that on your own, would you still choose to stay if you had that thing? If your answer is no, it’s high time you go find what you are missing so you can move on.

4. Forgive your ex completely

Holding on to the feeling of anger, hurt, regret or resentment will only harm your mental and psychological well-being. To heal completely, you will have to let go of negative emotions that will otherwise hold you back, this can be a difficult choice to make because you feel justified however, your emotional state is a choice.

5. Find a lesson in anxiety

While you are going through emotional distress, think about the relationship as a lesson for future relationship, find a way to walk away having grown as a person and learned something about yourself. People who are agreeable turn out to be kind, warm and cooperative, they seek out social relationship support after a breakup.

6. Accept responsibility for your part

No one is blameless when it comes to being in a toxic relationship, it might be that you should have spoken up when things were getting little messy before they became emotionally draining. No matter what you have a part to play and you are accountable for that role. Tell yourself that you won’t allow yourself to be treated so badly ever again in a toxic relationship because you know your worth.

7. Identify and express your emotional state

When something is not feeling right, put a name to it. Anxiety, stress, feeling worthless, hopelessness, all of these are negative emotions that you need to be able to recognize in yourself. When you want to end a toxic relationship peacefully, tell your partner what you feel and that you want to be happy.


What other ways can you exit a toxic relationship peacefully.


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