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Everyone is talking about Valentine’s day, well that is because its right around the corner. The store’s have began to call out to shoppers and we love the thrill (we love flowers and chocolate too and lets not forget those incredible scent’s). Well all of this is okay, who doesn’t love a gift (we love, love too *shine’s teeth*), however because we are so engrossed with the entire shing-ding we tend t go over the top. Below are 7 things you should not put on social media on valentine’s day;


Hello World

1. Nobody wants to see your make out shots save it for behind the scene’s; nobody wants to watch a video of you french kissing either, save it for yourself, we don’t care *Eye roll*

2. Hey ladies, your future mother-in-law may be following you on Instagram and she definitely would remember you once shared your Lingerie pick out.

3. Okay guys, yes we loved it when your bea proposed and then he became your hubby and so far you’ve been blessing us with photo’s of how romantic he is and how he buys you gift but seriously we’ve had enough no need to remind us about it *Yawns*

4. Lets all keep it classy, yes you got a piece from the best jewelry store, we do not need to see the price tag, thank you very much.

5.  Dinner under candle light, not that you are bragging (maybe) but showing food in a dim light is an epic no-no.

6. Well. I love you photographs are cool until they are not so lets try something different remember your boyfriend/hubby is the only one that matters.

7. Okay guys this is a major no-no, the first time your hubby laid eyes on you or whatever back story you both have should be kept between yourself (yes am talking about valentine’s notes).

Not a hater, I do hope you have a fun filled valentine’s day; on a low key. 

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