It is very annoying when you want to start a new relationship but you feel scared. You feel that you are stuck in-between accepting the fact that you are in love but at the same time you think you should not get involved in this matter again. You truely feel inside that this person is right for you but something is holding you back, you may have found the right soulmate, the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, cherish good moments, grow old and bear hard times. Here are signs you need to consider;


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1. Trust Issues Can Cause A Lot Of Problems

The thought of being cheated on by someone you truely love is horrible and you must give that person the time to develop trust. It is very hard to gain someone’s trust especially when someone is damaged in that way and procuring his or her trust can be really hard.

2. Umcompromising Nature

A person can be less compromising not because he or she is selfish but maybe because this person had each and every piece of his generosity drained out of him or her in his or her past relationship. Therefore, it is better to give some time to develop trust and grow mutual understanding.

 3. Say No To Another Chance

This is crucial to save yourself from being hurt again. If your attitude is similar to that of your ex, be ready to be rejected but always be yourself because you will have to develop understanding with time.

4. Harder To Accept Change

It is very terrible to face loneliness as people get used to each other’s company and like living that way. It would be mishap to force someone to get in your life, you must give that person time to make the right decision. Remember patience bears sweet fruit.

5. You Only Get One Opportunity

You need to be careful this time, do not lie or do senseless things. You just have to be nice and be your true self, everything will go smooth. The person does not want any dangers again.

6. Walking Away

This person you like has already stuggled hard moving on from his or her past relationship which meant a lot and it is not something new to him or her. This person can walk away if the relationship is not right so if you feel this person is the right person you want to live with forever, you should find a way to solve the issue.

7. No Expectation

It might be hard trying things for the first time for everyone, but never ask this person to change his or her choices for you. Do nice things without expecting anything in return, you might find that person doing same for you.

Have you dealt with a depressed partner or where you the depressed partner? Share with us below.

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