when we are young and hopeful, We believe that falling in love will be a long, happy road to bliss, not realizing that starting a relationship is very easy, but maintaining it is another ball game. However, when we actually embark upon a serious relationship, we realize how much work we need to put in to keep the relationship from falling apart. Relationships are not easy and every relationship go through hard times, but few learn how to navigate through choppy water and sail on toward a bright future together. Others, hit a rough spot and stay stuck.


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Here are 7 signs your relationship is on the rock:

  1. You argue a lot: Arguing is a normal occurence in any relationship, a sign for both partners to air their differences, and a stepping stone for them to settle their differences. But when argument becomes more than regular conversation, then your relationship is on the rock.
  2. Picking faults: It might be well gestured, but expecting your partner to change makes them feel they are unloved and unwanted. Partners should be able to forgive and tolerate each other, But when both partners are living on criticism, then they are at the edge of tearing apart.
  3. Communication: Communication is the key in any relationship. To be in a happy, successful and healthy relationship, you need to have great communication. If partners do not tell themselves about the changes in their lives, then they don’t see themselves important enough to communicate with.
  4. Time constraint: Partners should always create time for each other, as the whole reason you are in a relationship is to enjoy one another’s company. Though, you are two different people, and you work in separate hours, so it can be difficult to work on the same clock. However, you should be able to make time for each other.
  5. Being intimate: Intimacy is crucial, and that is what differentiates you from his other friends. If you are not intimate with your partner, then you are just mere friends. I am not talking purely about $3x, but intimacy in general.
  6. Something is different in the relationship: There are many small changes that can make you feel that something is different with your partner. It could be that your partner wants to make some changes in their life, however, if he/she does not tell you about the changes they are about making then this can be a sign your relationship is falling.
  7.  Awkwardness: Some partners see public display of affection as been embarrassing, but there is a huge difference between not been affectionate in public and not wanting to be around your partner in public. If your partner feels awkward with you around friends, not wanting to touch you and avoiding eye contact, that is a bad sign.

This are the 7 signs your relationship is heading to the rock.

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