Everything gets old at some point in life and so does love, though, love is worth fighting for but when your relationship is at the breaking point and you are prolonging it with hopes to rescue the lost cause when deep inside our hearts we know there is no love to fight for. We have to learn how to let go at some point in our life and it is not something you should depress yourself over because some facts in life are for everyone and with time you will know whether your relationship is worth salvaging or not. Here are some indications that will tell you if you should continue a relationship or not;


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1. Their presence starts to annoy you 

There are some people in your life that annoys you that you can’t even stand a single minute in front of them which you can’t even give reasons for the situation but a small confrontation can end in an altercation. A relationship is supposed to heal and make you feel warmth but when it causes a notorious offence, it is best to end such relationship for good.

2. There are no fights and no disagreements

Communication is essential in a relationship with minor disagreement and fights. If you do not argue with your partner and just ignore all his/her actions, then the excitement in your relationship has diminish, it will get boring and dull and your heart will be empty. Emptiness destroys a person and if your relationship creates this void in your heart, then you need to end the relationship at once.

3. Seeing your partner as inferior or superior to you

Being equal with your partner is as important as making love, though, some peole will not agree with this but it is a driving force in a relationship that we don’t observe and appreciate. If you feel you are above or beneath your partner in anything and if your partner believes the same, then it is time you either give it a thorough thought or get out of it because once you start to feel this way, inferiority complex or superiority complex will start to ruin your relationship which is not healthy for both you and your partner.

4. When you start to have too many fights

We all know that fighting is not good for people emotionally and mentally, partners that fight gets hurt emotionally and that affects them mentally and psychologically. When you and your partner fights constantly over things that do not have importance, it means that you both are taking your frustrations out through fighting and you both are just not happy with each other.

5. You are both unable to see things from each others perspective

Relationship stays successful when there is proper communication and the moment you observe that your partner or you fails to see things from each others perspectives, then there is a huge gap in communication and understanding. Lack of communication and understanding leads to divorce and break ups and if you observe such in your relationship, you need to fix it immediately and if you can’t fix it, you just let it go.

6. Excuses and blame game

You need to understand that relationships turn toxic and sometimes the fault lies in both partners, if you always find excuses to end the relationship and your partner does the same that means you both have indulge into the blame game. If you have problems in your relationship that cannot be fixed easily then, the best way is to end the relationship.

7. Fear of being dumbed by your partner

If you feel that your relationship cannot be saved anymore and you are just staying because of a flicker of hope always burn in your heart. There are so many reasons behind this situation but irrespective of that, you just get the feeling that your partner will pack his bags and leave you any minute. You have made each other so miserable that you have no reason whatsoever left to stay in the relationship.

What More signs can you add to this list? Lets know in the  comment section down below.

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