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Knowing full well that rainy season is here, it is time to make your feet as comfy as can be in those cute shoes of yours. Obviously, you wouldn’t want your best pair of shoes to go bad or be easily abandoned just because the whole city is wet. Besides, you’ve got to keep your feet warm this season. Without spending much, there are just too many shoe hacks that will save your feet this season, while saving your favourite shoes too. It could sound ridiculous, but here are the seven shoe hacks that will save your feet this season;

1. Keeping feet dry by waterproofing cloth shoes: It is important to waterproof cloth shoes by simply rubbing a beeswax over the entirety of your shoes to stiffen shoes a little bit, then blow dry shoes. This will prevent your feet from getting wet in the rain, keep them warm and protect your shoe too.



Hello World

2. Preventing slippage with heel grips: By using heel grips, you can prevent slippage especially in this wet season. Besides, there’s enough scar tissue on the back of your heels.

Prevent slippage

Prevent slippage

3. Banishing blisters with clear gel deodorant: Using a gel deodorant judiciously, you can end or banish blisters from shoes.


Banishing blisters

4. Widen the shafts of boots: Boots are very important this wet season thus, they have to be very comfy too. Thus, use leather stretch spray and newspaper. Alternatively, use rubbing alcohol to widen the insides.


Widening boots

5. Slip stoppage with DIY Innersoles: Another way to protect your feet and stop slipping on shoes is to go for DIY innersoles which are thicker and non-silky. This would provide an extra grip too.


Slip stoppage

6. Un-cramping toe boxes in the freezer: Filling a bag with water and putting it in a freezer, remove cramps from toe boxes. This is simply putting middle school science to good use.


Un-cramping toeboxes


7. Repairing torn and ragged heel linings with denim: Attaching patches with glue, or sewing them in for extra hold will also save your feet this season.


Repairing heel linings

I trust if you truly love your feet, you’ll do well to save them!

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