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Gele comes in different fabrics such as brocade, damask, Aso oke and regular Ankara fabric. It should be a stiff fabric but flexible to use. The head wrap have been worn by Nigerian women for centuries but has become fashion trend in recent years in Africa and elsewhere in the world especially for weddings and special occasions.

Of utmost importance when shopping for your traditional wedding outfit you must ensure that the texture of the Gele fabric you choose is one that you are skilled enough to manipulate – not too hard and not too stiff, if you’re not expert enough at tying a perfect Gele head-scarf.

After this, the design and color are followed in details. The result is usually a blend of colorful prints and patterns. For some, they are all about the monotone look as they usually opt for hues of the same colour for both the aso ebi and gele, giving the outfit uniformity and elegance.

While for some, it is the contrasting effect where they opt for different colors of aso ebi and gele. For these cases, the head-tie does not have to be identical to the rest of the outfit for the perfect colour blocking blends.

The gele could be simplistic or elaborate depending on the wearer and purpose. Most women wear gele for its practicality and functionality, as well as adding the headpiece to their outfit as a rule. Whatever purpose you might be wearing the gele for, you are sure to want a snap shot of yourself which is why we bring to you 7 picture perfect gele styles.

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