You need professional advice on how to style your outfit for your next owambe outfit. How do you plan to go about what you want to wear? Well if you have time, we’ve selected some interesting native styles here. You see unlike women, styles for men has to be ground breaking to be recognizable-think Ebuka Obi Uchendu who wore one of the coolest native styles of 2017. If you want to look like Ebuka or even better in 2018 then you should take a look at the native style ideas we have for you.

It’s all about the additional patterns, textures, the bold looks, simple additions, the classy vibe with this look-book. Here’s the expert native style ideas for men sourced from TnT fashion house, scroll through to check them out…

Special Blue + Plaid 

Hello World

@tyntyfashions_tntfashionsStripe + Twisted Embroidery 


Simple Blue + Maze Patterns


Blue + Patterned Dual Blue Decoration


Dazzling Red + White Line Details. 


Mix & Match- Plain & Pattern


Black + Spinned Decor 


What makes this Look-Book check out is the details. Native style ideas for men has a lot to do with the decorations on their outfits, there aren’t that much options when it comes to cuts and styling but the attachments, decorations, designs, and embroidery additions are endless and  that is what this selection represents.

Source: Instagram | @tyntyfashions_tntfashions

Be Inspired!

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