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I can’t wait for the holidays because there is just so much to be done. Technically the Holidays are for celebration and rest but do we really have time to relax? The answer is no, we human beings are like the ants, we work work work, we must engage in some sort of activity whether its watching movie, cleaning etc we are always engaged or else we would be bored. So I’ve decided to list 7 holiday activities that you can get into. This activities are supposed to be fun and exciting, it shouldn’t feel like its a lot of work, here’s the list below:


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1. Since its the festive season there are a lot to be done but one of the things that should be a part of your list is CHARITY. The season is all about love and giving so show love by giving or volunteering for one course of the other this holiday.

2. Taking a vacation comes on top of the list for many people; lots and lots of people travel to their villages this time of the year. You can also decide to take a trip to another state or out of country with your family. Vacations are always refreshing,

3. There are so many events lined up this year, take yourself to one, its definitely going to be different from the norm and that’s what you need this holiday.

4. Taking swimming lessons should be part of your To-Do list especially if you haven’t learnt how to. So make sure you enroll for a swimming class today.

5. During the holiday we tend to eat in excess therefore we loose sit of what we take in. It would be a good idea to visit the gym as much as possible to enable you loose those extra pounds.

6. All the recipe’s that you have pinned can serve a good purpose because you’ve got the time to try them out during the holiday.

7. Aside’s from cooking and swimming you can pick up a new skill or enhance the one’s that you already have. There are many skill classes that take only a day to three days e.g learning how to tie gele.


Which of these holiday activities would you get into? Tell us in the comment section below.

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