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Sometimes we find it really difficult to care for our hair, it’s not that we don’t want to but it might be because we are too tired or maybe we just don’t know the right way to actually care for it. Black hair is different from all types of hair, it’s a bit more coarse whether you relax it or not although a relaxed hair is much easier to tend to.

The black hair is very prone to certain things if not properly cared for; for example roughness, dryness and frizz which means that the hair has to always have moisture in it. This is mostly because of the humid weather in this part of the world and that’s why we must pay attention to it.

While washing our hair daily may not necessarily be needed we still have to wash our hair at least once in a week. Most of all this routines are the reasons why so many people decide to lock in their natural hair with nice and creative hairstyles.

There are so many hairstyles that you can try out but you should make sure that you treat your hair first before you try any of these hairstyles out. The reason for this hair treatment is to avoid hair breakage and baldness. Even when you have this hairstyles in you still have to make sure that you maintain it.

The reason why we are emphasizing on hair maintenance is because the rate of baldness among black women is alarming. Of cause some are medical issues but other times is simple negligence.

Remember make sure to nourish your hair before trying any of these amazing hairstyles;


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