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Athlete’s foot seems to be the most common fungal infection of the skin which affects more men than women, probably because men typically wear heavy, often airtight shoes, and the fungus loves hot, dark, moist environments.

A lot of us hearing the term for the first time would probably think that the athlete’s foot is associated with athletes. Well, blame the advertising man who misnamed it in the 1930s. It has got nothing to do with athletes. It’s a fungal infection of the feet. Also known as tinea pedis, or “ringworm of the feet,” it has nothing to do with worms either. As usual, any infection is irritating, but has its remedies.



Athlete’s foot

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These are the seven fast remedies to athlete’s foot;

1. Moving away from moisture: The athlete’s foot fungus likes moist, warm, dark environments thus, all your treatment and prevention strategies should be geared towards keeping your feet as dry as possible.

2. Thoroughly drying between your toes: Try getting your feet dry enough with a towel, or drying them with a handheld hair dryer on the “warm” setting.

3. Soaping up: Wash your feet twice a day with soap and water, and dry them thoroughly.

4. Kicking off your shoes: You can also go on barefoot or wear sandals or open-toed shoes. Obviously, it’s not always possible to go on barefoot, especially at work, but you may be able to sneak off those shoes during lunch, at break time, or when you are sitting at your desk.

5. Avoid bleaching: While the idea is to dry out the infection, avoid home remedies that involve strong chemicals and solvents, such as bleach, alcohol, or floor cleaners, which can severely damage skin.

6. Treating your shoes: If you have fungus on your feet, it would be in your shoes too. Therefore, treat your shoes with an anti-fungal spray or powder every time you take off your shoes, to keep you from reinfection.

7. Airing your shoes: On warm or sunny days, take the laces out of your shoes, pull up their tongues, and set them in a sunny, well-ventilated place. The sunshine and circulating air will help dry out the shoes and kill fungus.


Worry no more cuties, there are remedies to athlete’s foot!

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