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Frequent wearing of skirts by a lady has been interpreted in no other way but playing the “Church girl”, by the society. Well, the reverse has absolutely become the case, as we’ve all gone beyond just wearing extremely loose skirts. You’ll agree with me that there are various types of skirts with lovely designs.

The most rocked skirt now has become the pencil skirt, which is always lovely, as it accentuates our shape. The corporate world cannot do without this. Never! Making mention of corporate outfits must not go without the mention of the pencil skirts.

If the idea of a “pencil skirt” conjures up as much inspiration as “day-old noodles”, well you are not alone. In the realm of clothing items, the lowly pencil skirt has been relegated to the back of the line, only making appearances in fluorescent-lit office spaces, recruiting conventions, and other “business casual” functions and not just churches alone.
When worn right, the pencil skirt can be one of the sexiest pieces around and a truly versatile piece that can make casual outfits more fancy, and fancy outfits more imaginative. You can decide to pair it in various ways while looking chic, elegant and fab. How then can this be made possible? Well, being inspired is the key.
Therefore, here are the six ways you can rock the pencil skirt out of the office;

Style 1

Hello World

Style 2

Style 3

Style 4

Style 5

Style 6

If your pencil skirt has been lying fallow in your wardrobe, please it’s time to make it work by pairing it in various chic ways like the styles above!

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