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There’s nothing that shook the fashion world as much as the athleisure trend. Many fashion experts thought the trend would die down but with every new year more designers have embraced this new trend as a 20th century must-have. So typically there have been some un-wanted side-eye concerning whether or not embracing this simple take on sports wear would affect let’s take for instance what we wear to a club or to a fancy restaurant. So far we already know that the simple athleisure wear can be styled in different ways and the lines are becoming blurry differentiating the sporty look for the gym and yoga class – or for track and field to the sporty chic athleisure wear that we can actually wear anywhere.

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In 2018, the athleisure chic wear has taken a more interesting and necessary new shape and we are totally in love with it, from full on sweat shirt and pants with Adidas sneakers in a bright colour to a more chic ensemble with cute heels; these looks are totally what the millennial chic wants in 2018.

Let’s take a scroll through the athleisure chic guide look book…

💧 Athleisure Wear | The Chic Guide 💧

Complete Sporty Chic…


Show off a bit of shoulder…


Add a bit of glam with your super comfy heel…


Follow the hot trend by sporting your biker shorts…


The slip sporty dress-top is a wardrobe essential…


Glittery sporty sweat pants layered in the best way – Cold weather style…


Be Inspired By Fashion’s Finest! 🍁

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