This kind of relationship can happen to anyone, without even realizing it. When a man starts to get controlling, he can know zero boundaries. Controlling guys have a range of weapons up their sleeve, they are kind of manipulative and sometimes they make it look as if they are the victim. The problem with many is not recognizing the warning signs because we typically picture being bully as a sign but there are more subtle signs that we miss. Controlling behavior can lead to physical abuse and emotional abuse which are damaging and lasting. If you are feeling unsafe about your relationship or a friend’d relationship, here are signs of a controlling man.


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  1. He isolates you from your family and friends: This is the first step that a controlling man takes, it starts with a complain about spending so much time with your friends and family. He might say your family does not like him and your friends does not have your best interest at heart and that is why he does not like them, the main aim is to take that support away from you so that you don’t have anyone to turn to when things get worst between you two and he can always win.
  2. He set rules for you and not for himself: It’s a clear warning sign if he does not allow you see your friends but he can hang out with his friends. He can perhaps flirt with other girls but can flare up if you just look at another man.
  3. Nothing is ever his fault: Any man that is controlling will always find a way to make his partner feel as though she is to blame for everything that has happened. If you make him understand that he is to blame, he will shout at you and end the conversation by going out.
  4. He always criticize you: You might think he is trying to make you a better person when he starts out small, constructive criticism is even healthy, but a chronic criticism is not. If he is endless with his criticism it’s a strong sign that he’s controlling you and not that he loves and values you.
  5. Adding conditional clauses unto things: If he says attracting things with condition, it’s as if he can only love you if you are doing something that pleases him and that is not what love is supposed to be. His love is conditional that makes you feel like you are not up to his standard. Statement like “you will be more attractive to me if you just lost some weight” this are glaring signs.
  6. He commits really quickly: We all know men do not commit so easily, so why is he committing so soon? Its a sign he is a controlling guy if he ask you to live with him after just a week or two.

These are the 6 warning signs he is a controlling guy, so ladies endeavor to pay attention to your man so you wouldn’t have to pay for your over sight later.

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