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Sometimes you wake up and you do not feel the need to wear your hair down or maybe you are tired of your wig and you would like to do without it for the day or maybe you just have a bad hair day (translation- you can’t be bothered with fixing your hair after all its an off-duty day).

We all have several reasons why we would need a head wrap. A head wrap is a piece of cloth made from all types of fabric that one use’s to tie their hair or one ties around their head.

The essence of a head wrap for many natural black women (even non-natural haired black women) cannot be matched. This bad boys have slowly taken over our closet spaces as we seem to want them in every colour shape and size (yes dolls they come like this).

Asides from all the above mentioned reason for using a headwrap; a headwrap can also serve as a glam accessory. As a young women its hard not to be attracted to the head wrap, the styles, the twist, the turns are so creative that we can’t get our eyes off them.


Hello World


Some of the best styles are made from the Ankara headwrap; made from the African print fabric the Ankara headwrap is vibrant and boisterous with color which add definition to a woman’s face. The brightness of the fabric only serves to further make it more attractive because it allow the wearer look fresh and feel young.

If you are planning on getting the Ankara headwrap and you are looking for interesting ways to pull it off then look no further, watch this Ankara headwrap video tutorial:


Source: Tifaglamour – YouTube Channel

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