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Naturally the whole fashion world tries to convince you that “what you wear is far more important than you think”, this has been going on for quite a while and many didn’t believe until now.

Why now you ask? Well, thanks to social media sites like Instagram, tumblr etc, its much easier for you to see how fashion translates into success. From people’s post on Instagram you can see that their styles communicates with their followers, people can already determine their personality from what they wear and this is a powerful business tool.

There are rarely any restriction in Nigerian fashion today… And this is all because of style influence-rs who have been able to strike a balance between culture, trend and character.

For us as Nigerians a part of our culture is the use of the Ankara fabric… The Ankara fabric has been imprinted in all our traditions and it cuts across every tribe in the country. This in times past however meant that usage of the fabric brought forth styles that were more traditional.

Fast forward to today and we can see that the Ankara fabric is still in use, however, its a more balanced situation. Styles are allocated to fit scenario’s and situations alike making the fabric un-restricted.

A new breed of Nigerians who are ruling the fashion stratosphere have appeared and among them is Ella Mo, a wife, mother, career and business woman. She is also a style star and has one of the most printastic Ankara styles on Instagram.

We’ve never been known to see a style and not share with you and so… Here’s 6 times Ella Mo Ankara styles were fantastic:

Hello World






Be Inspired!!!

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