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Everyday of our lives leaves us admiring the skin of one person or the other. This is a part we can’t do without, so long as you are still present on planet earth.

Besides, a perfect skin is like the beauty holy grail. We mix up potions, keep our dermatologists on speed dial, and read up on tips and tricks to get our visages glowing, but it seems that no matter what we do, we never seem to be fully satisfied. There will always be women out there with gorgeous complexions that are just out of our reach.

It takes much dedication to get a good skin. What is really involved in this dedication? Well, with just a little bit of work, you’ll be that friend people are always coming to for skin tips. Here are the six things women with great skin love to do;

1. Striving To Get Quality Sleep:

Women who love their skin rest at night. You need to allow your body to repair itself. The importance of a solid eight-hour sleep cannot be overemphasized thus, ensuring your sleep is good-quality is equally important. To get a restful night therefore, keep technology out of the bedroom. Girls sleep with their cell phones next to them, and they’re not aware of the vibrations from the texting. Stash your phone in your purse this time.


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2. Hydrating:

Sipping on water may seem like very basic advice, but it’s an essential step in the quest for glowing skin. Therefore, you should strive to start every morning with water and lemon. Then, just keep sipping throughout the day. Experts recommend you take half a gallon (eight eight-ounce glasses) daily.


3. Sticking To A Ritual:

Whether it’s a regular trip to your dermatologist or sticking to the same routine daily, a ritual is super-important to keeping your skin looking top-notch. Beauty is not just one step; it’s steps that work in synergy with one another. Once you do find that magic mix of steps that work together, stay loyal.


4. Wearing Sunscreen:

Sunscreen is insanely important for gorgeous skin. It makes a huge difference on the skin. Protect all of your exposed areas with an SPF of thirty or higher. If on the other hand you’re going to be outside for an extended period of time, please reapply.


5. Masking It Up:

Masks are part of any clear-skinned woman’s regimen. You know when you’ve been doing something for a really long time, and it just becomes habit? You don’t even recognize that it’s an odd thing to do anymore. Don’t just slap on a mask for the sake of using one; find a couple with ingredients that work for you, and keep those guys on rotation.


6. Thinking Outside The Box:

Getting good skin doesn’t always mean treating the skin. Resort to herbs; this seriously improves your complexion and hormonal skin-care issues. It’s like a magic wand.



If you’re taking care of yourself, your skin will show it. So, think big; Live a glowing life, and your face will follow. Have a great skin with these tips!

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