Hello Mums!

It’s obvious you’ve waited nine months to welcome your baby to the world, but can you really not wait another few minutes to announce your new bundle of joy to friends and family? You have to consider certain things before sharing your baby’s first photo on social media.

Baby's photo

Baby’s photo

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Here are the six things every mum should consider before sharing baby’s first photo;

1. Take a Moment to Get Camera Ready:

Not only is it important for you to enjoy your first moments with your new baby, but this doesn’t mean you have to wait to orchestrate a fully staged photo shoot or, avoid snapping photos throughout those first magical moments for example, when the baby has just come out. Keep all the magical moment photos to yourself for now and try to make the first official baby photo a clean one.

3. Give the Caption a Good Edit:

You are probably sending out your birth announcement digitally, Well, if you are doing so the same day as your little one’s birth, your typing thumbs might still be a bit shaky. Therefore, ensure that your grammar and spellings are correct. If possible, get your partner or a close person to edit or proof read for you, so as to give an appropriate caption to your baby’s first photo.

4. Decide on a Hashtag:

Having a hashtag such as your baby’s name on the photo offers you countless moments of reflection thus, decide on the appropriate hashtag to use. Plan it out well in advance of your trip to the hospital. Also, make sure it’s not already a popularly used one, as you’ll have to scroll through hundreds of unrelated pictures every time you want to dig up a photo.

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