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Every stylish lady wants to be recognized as that fashion person in the office, but the only thing wrong with being known as the fashion person at your office is if that’s your only claim to fame. Your claim to fame shouldn’t be restricted to fashion alone.

On the other hand, when it’s among titles like Most hardworking, most Industrious, Always the Voice of Reason, and Most Likely to Get the Boss’ Job Someday, it then means you are doing just fine. Showing your colleagues or coworkers up with your clothes is a great way to stand out on the job, not to mention make being there a whole lot more fun, when you’ve got something upstairs. Well, standing out or being distinct just because you are the only one whose bra is visible from the VP’s vantage point is never a good look, even if it is made by one of the world class designers. Luckily, there are lots of work outfit trends out there; office-appropriate trends, corporate attires that rock your professional world anytime. These are really professional and very modest, but never you mistake them for those very boring outfits, just because they make you look compelling to your job. Without any dilly-dally, check out eight style moves that work for office;

Style 1:


Hello World


Style 2:



Style 3:



Style 4:



Style 5:



Style 6:



These various style moves no doubt, are trendy, classy, fabulous, beautiful and fashionable! Trust me, anyone who wouldn’t go for these is truly missing out. Remember you always want that recognition as the best dressed, most hardworking and wonderful employee at the office. You are not far from reaching those goals with these!

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