First date with someone you hardly know is nerve-wrecking, sometimes first date leads to burning love and sometimes they go down in flames. Whether we admit it or not first date are a mini interview disguised as social outing because first dates gives you the chance to get to know a person, it’s also an opportunity to find out if he is the kind of person you can date, if you both are compatible or not and as such its crucial you ask certain questions that will not intrude into his privacy because he just met you and can’t share private issues with you yet. So let’s take a look at questions you can ask a guy on a first date;

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How was your day?

This is one of the common questions asked on a first date, most people see it as a question that you ask when you don’t have anything to say but the fact is, it is a really insightful question that will give you a clue if the guy is a positive minded person or not. If your date complains of a miserable day and can’t see any improvement coming, it only indicates that their mindset is negative which might affect how you feel about the person.

Tell me about your friends?

This is another good question because of the sane feather flock together. It’s good to find out what his friends are to better undersatnd him better, if you guys are to see each other regularly, you will be seeing more of his friends and which is better you know little about them earlier enough.

How do you spend your Saturday?

It’s important that his preferred way of spending his Saturday is similar to yours because if you guys hit it off, you will constantly spend your Saturdays together.

What amuses you?

You need to know how important his sense of humor is, if you guys can’t laugh together then it is going to be hard to make the relationship work. Ask him who his favorite comedians are and what comedy films he like to watch.

Do you prefer reading or playing game?

It’s a good idea to find out his choice, whether he would prefer to widen his acquaintance by reading books or he would prefer to exercise his brain power by playing game.

What do you prefer to do with your free time?

This question helps you know if your date is a workaholic who does not have time to do anything else. You will find out how he uses his spare time  and his preference and passion and whether they like to stay productive or wind down and lazy around.

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