There is nothing wrong in taking time to know someone better and be friends before starting a relationship, relationships this days do not seem to be lasting longer than expected which could be because we are rushing into things. There are many reasons to be friends with someone before starting a relationship because looks aren’t enough to start a relationship with someone. Continue reading to know reasons you should be friends before starting a relationship;


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  • You trust him: One of the basis of a relationship is trust and when you start a relationship with someone that is not a stranger to you, you already have a knowledge of who he is because you have spent sometime hanging out together, the fear of not trusting him will be reduced severely.
  • He is already aware of some of your issues and he is fine with them: Dating someone that knows your in and out, that knows all your faults and is cool with it will only lead to a successful relationship.
  • He knows everything about your ex and would never do same: He is your friend and the rule is friends of opposite $3x do not hurt each other. You would have told him of how your previous relationship went, he knows what went wrong, how you were dumped and would never repeat those mistakes again.
  • If he is the type of guy that would have been your friend whether you ended up dating or not: This is the best kind of guy to date, guys who meet you and become your friends with the hope of dating you and when you have a boyfriend they hate you, are the worst type of guys but guys that respects your relationship and still be friends with you either way only means he genuinely likes you which is the best foundation for a relationship.
  • You know all about him and his ex: You know what ended his previous relationship so you are not bothered of what he likes or doesn’t like.
  • You know what makes him laugh: When you date a total stranger is hard to know their sense of humor or what they find funny. When you date someone you know, you know what jokes to tell him that won’t look like throwing piles of dust into the wind.

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