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Gele is an unavoidable part of our everyday life and routine. I do not know who discovered gele, but in the name of all the women – We are incredibly thankful for it. The real question is, how much impact does gele have on you throughout your day to day life?

I could definitely say that for me, it’s one of the greatest discoveries and that would not be an exaggeration. Not only that we look prettier and more attractive, I personally find it in a way satisfying and joyful, whilst doing my gele I feel really relaxed and peaceful and when I am done, I feel a confidence run through me one that can not be easily ruined.

I think that the most important part for every lady that wears it is to feel confidence and learn to feel comfortable “wearing” the gele they have, release the doubt and not be afraid to experiment with colours and shades which is one of the very reasons we’ve put together this gele look-book. If you are in doubt of what colour of gele to style, then you should scroll down to see how Nigerian women are rocking stunning gele styles….


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Got a favourite in this lookbook? Do share it with us in the comment box.

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