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As much as there are so many Ankara styles out there; there aren’t that many that you would feel good about buying or sewing as the case may be. Because there are so many self proclaimed fashion designers and tailors it’s easy to hit a few misses along the way and that can deter you from wanting to get any piece made from Ankara and who can blame you. Some people have complained about searching for the right Ankara to buy, stating that finding the right jeans(which could be very hard by the way) seems easier than getting a good tailor or an online fashion store that deal mainly in Ankara fabric. However you must remember that there are many fishes in the ocean and even though you’ve been burned a few times your experience has thought you several lessons.

By now, you should have studied the nitty gritty of Instagram shopping or at least you should have found the right tailor and even if you haven’t, we can help with that, here are a few honourable mentions if you want to get a fabulous Ankara piece or at least sew an Ankara style that you would feel good about; design houses like, GrassFields, SGTC clothing, The Rhonkefella brand, Accost Fashion, Mangashi Dolls, suemanuel are but a few power houses that deal with Ankara fashion.

While you do your research, let’s take a look at some incredible latest Ankara styles, through the caption you can find out the designers who are responsible for the look…

Latest ANKARA Styles | Look-Book


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