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A lot of things are going on in the wellness world, from collective workout routines, to wellness drinks, and many others. All these have a major aim; to boost our health.

While you might typically sip on a cold-pressed juice first thing in the morning, sometimes the frigid temps make our usual liquid produce a little less appealing. And we’d never encourage you to heat up your cold-pressed juices, but what do you do when it’s just too cold for your usual wellness drink?

Well, instead of opting for a sugary latte or hot cocoa, more and more cafes are offering warming wellness elixirs. We have seen the trend begin to emerge with golden milk, which has slowly begun to creep into cafes menus all over, alongside other hot, healing tonics, but here’s good news; you don’t have to live in a trendy, health-oriented city in Nigeria to get your hands on one. You can brew them at home. Here are the six hot wellness drinks you can brew at home;

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Brew:

With this hot, anti-inflammatory brew, you can easily fight off a cold while boosting your metabolism.

Apple drink

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2. Turmeric Latte:

This frothy, spicy, and anti-inflammatory moon juice recipe can help improve your mood and boost your immune system.


3.Green Tea Latte:

This brings a kick of energy without the anxiety-inducing jitters from coffee. It can also promote weight loss and a healthy metabolism.

Matcha latte

4.  Superfood Vegan Drinking Chocolate:

Here’s a sugar-free cocoa treat which is warming and satisfying, as it uses fibrous and vitamin-rich sweet potatoes for creaminess and potassium-rich bananas for sweetness.

Hot chocolate

5. Ginger Lemon grass Tea:

This stomach-soothing, congestion-clearing, and ache-relieving blend is a cup of natural healing.

Ginger Lemon grass

6. Maple Water Golden Milk:

With a boost from collagen and maple water, this hot golden milk can aid in digestion.

Golden Milk

You’ve got no other choice than to stick with these hot wellness drinks, as they are perfect for your health!

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