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It’s June and it’s also count down season; those of you that travel or at least have friends and family members that visit different parts of the world around July/August known as summer time can attest to the frenzy that goes on. This frenzy always surrounds the same topic- “What to pack”. If not for the fact that you have to pay extra for luggage’s when you have anything above 25kg, many of us would probably carry our entire closet just because we don’t know what to pack and how to pack. To prepare for travel tips click on this topic ‘Travel outfits to pack for the Holiday’ to find out all the essentials and how to fit them into a small box meanwhile let’s delve into travel style.

Travel style for any African woman involves the Ankara fabric… Let me break it down for you, asides from the fact that the Ankara has cultural connotations, there’s also the incredible cuts and designs that local designers have created. There are honestly so many great Ankara pieces that we’ve come across and we are sharing with you 6 from the best. You could say this is the best of the best and you would be correct.

Check out 6 hot Ankara pieces that would set your vacation look right…

Vacation Ready Ankara Pieces | Look-Book


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