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What do you do when you have no clue whatsoever about what hairstyle you want to carry for the next month or less?

When you begin to break down your appearance and put them according to the scale of preference you would realize that your hair actually matters the most. There’s something about the way you prep your hair, I can’t explain the way it hapens but it brightens up your face.

Somehow people overlook an old looking outfit if your hair is prepped up neatly. While so many decisions can be made for us, there’s a decision we always have to make ourselves and that’s getting a new hairstyle every time.

There’s funny meme’s online that shows how much hair matters to a women e.g there’s one meme that’s says “if you marry a black woman its like you are married to different women every time she changes her hair”

As Hilarious as this meme is, its actually the truth because every time you change your hairstyle you take on a different look and some people take on a different personality with it. In all having the opportunity to twist, knot and style your hair differently is the trips.

This week we believe that you should try a more classy look, something thats neatly trimmed and lined as opposed to loose and free. Here’s some interesting looks you should try out this week;


Hello World



Pony Tail

Loose Curls


I’ve got my favorite hairstyle which one is yours? Tell us in the comment section below.

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