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One of my favorite hair accessories is the Turban. It is a versatile, easy, stylish way to glam up your look especially on days when you have hair emergencies. It also allows you to protect the ends of your hair while still looking gorgeous. With an ease akin to that of  wearing a hat, you can throw on this turban in a matter of seconds and walk out the house looking like you spent at least 30 minutes tying it on perfectly.

Indeed Turbans have become the new cool. Fashionable turban head covers are all the rave as women who seek to cover their hair raid their closets for stylish looks that offer an alternative to the hijab. Once a typically male accessory, the turban is breaking the mold and is being picked up by many Muslim women across the region.

The new ways of wearing the hijab is becoming a new global phenomenon. It combines the desire to look Muslim and appear more fashionable. Variation in the world of turban styling is one reason why many girls like the trend, what they find exciting with the headscarf in general is the way you can customize it and personalize it.

The weekend is here again with yet another beautiful Friday and the spirit of Jumat with my Muslim sisters, we would be looking at some stylish turban looks this Friday…


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