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We would love to share Ankara head wrap styles everyday but that might just be impossible, however when we do share them expect to be wowed! just like today. We’ve gathered 6 fantastic Ankara head wrap styles that we thought you might like know you would like. There’s something close to home about tying the scarf, it brings this sense of fulfillment, a feeling of knowledge – sort of like you know yourself and know where you belong, it’s also a sense of pride an that’s one of the major reasons a lot of African and blacks in diaspora rock with it. Head wraps are not usually all made with the African print fabrics, some of them are plain just like the pashmilan’s from the middle east however what makes the print head wrap so important is not only the beautiful woven colours or general texture (insert longevity) but also what the print represents.

The African prints are meaningful and that’s because we read meaning into everything, from the marks on a persons face to the lines on the palm. Even when it’s raining and shinning it’s a sign for us and so many of our cultural possessions or what we’ve converted also have meanings to it. The print is no different as a coconut wax print represents the richness and beauty of the African landscape – you get the point. Therefore with every print head wrap, there is an identity that you are given, you are not just some random weirdo, you are black, powerful, real and beautiful.

Ankara head wraps aren’t just for the fun of it most of the time, it’s a way to show what you represent but you’ve got to do it with style. Here are a list of styles that would take your tribal mood to a whole different level, leggoo…

ANKARA Head Wraps | Winning List


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