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By now you, you ought to have known some fashion rules guiding the corporate environment but if you are new, here’s how it works; you always have to dress in an outfit that speaks better about the job, while sticking to the corporate rule.

On the flip side, what do you do after work everyday? How does your body and brain start to function once its 5 pm? How much torture do you endure when it’s almost the weekend, but the days won’t just go by swiftly? Well, do you know that there is really a big link between clothing, that is; how you dress and your emotional state of mind?

Research has it that very happy and positive women are more likely to wear a favorite dress, jewelry, jeans and other outfits. Of course, not every woman wears this to the office, even as a casual corporate outfit.

Looking confident and put together is proven to improve your overall mood and personality! This can totally help improve how you are feeling all day, which to be honest, is the best kept secret of most successful women.

This does not imply you’ll spend all your savings on extremely expensive fashion pieces. As I will always say, you do not need all the money in the world to upgrade your work wardrobe in a doable way. Structure your disposable income and make a proper shopping plan. You are just few steps away from doing this.

Here are the six doable ways to upgrade your work wardrobe;

Ms Bling Miami

Hello World


Ms Manche


Lex Allure

Bubu Blaq

So, no matter what you have planned for work tomorrow, start dressing up! You’ll be grateful you did upgrade your work wardrobe in these ways!

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