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One of the best parts of social media is the constant and prompt delivery of style. I mean you don’t have to wait for a month for the latest magazine to come out before you get a dose of what celebrities are wearing, what the latest runway style is or whats currently trending. While the upside of social media is instant information the down side for fashion is the swift ways trends come and goes I mean you literally need to keep up. However, one of the ways to know what’s going to be the trendiest of trends is looking at what your favourite celebrity is wearing. Celebrities have image consultants that already know what’s going to be a huge blow and they always want to make sure that their celebrity client is the first or among the first to get on with these trends.

The fact that celebs are always a step ahead is reflective of what’s going to be in vogue therefore with this in mind we have a selection of celebrity styles that we know would be a hit pretty soon.

Latest Celebrity Styles


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Looking ahead into 2019 would be a great deal, style has evolved and you could tell by the displays on the spring/summer runways or collections that were put in display. What’s even most exciting about the celebrity style above is that they are super comfortable and really authentic, of cause let’s not leave out the part that says easy to mimic.

What do you like most about these looks? Tell us in the comment section below.

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