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Being casual in appearance is no license for being dull. In fact, one has to bear in mind that it should be accompanied with the word, “smart”.

Trying to find the true meaning of the phrase smart-casual can quickly turn into a nightmare. Well, the Oxford Dictionary defines it as “neat, conventional, yet relatively informal in style, especially as worn to conform to a particular dress code”, but these days it’s quite common for smart-casual to be a dress code like the casual corporate styles, although not in all cases.

It’s a common habit to have you go online searching for smart-casual style guides that variously counsel everything from shorts, skirts, gowns and shirts, which don’t strike us as especially smart and don’t come over as particularly casual. As the latter indicates, many of these guides feel like they were set in stone shortly after the ten commandments, but whatever smart-casual means, it’s likely to be something different today than it was in the starch-collared 19th century.

In all, everyone has his or her own way of giving a proper definition to casual styles.

Plus-size beauties define these better. They are always fabulously styled, fully packaging themselves. Remember that we Nigerians are fond of using the word “packaging”, and that’s because we understand what it means to look and stay looking attractive. so if you are plus size woman, despite trying to be casual, this ideas would make you look takeaway.

Here are casual styles every fabulously styled woman should wear this weekend;


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Indeed, the fabulously styled women pull of these casual styles in very fantastic ways!

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