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Traditional West African styles have for long, gained widespread popularity among Black women in the states for their intricate designs and use of beading to accentuate the braids. The beads are what really make these styles exclusive. Of course, I’m talking about the braids hairstyles here. As the braids lover that you are, you can simply give any kind of braid a try on your recent trip or vacation. Remember Xmas is just around the corner.

The perfect idea here is to look exclusive and showcase your African descent. Here in Nigeria, you’ll no doubt, see many women on the street and or on the ‘gram’ rocking this beautiful style.

Besides, it’s also perfect for this season, reason being that it would make you look younger and more comfortable, as you can easily pack it to your desired style.

As inspiration is the watchword here, we will never hesitate to inspire you on the type of braids hairstyle that rock hence, we take delight in bringing these precious styles to your door steps. Here are the following braids hairstyles that rock any day and time;

Braids 1

Hello World

Braids 2

Braids 3

Braids 4

Braids 5

Braids 6

Source: Instagram | Nigerian Hairstyles 

You would never want to miss out in this journey of rocking the braids hairstyles this season!

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