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Believe it or not, long hair can be such a pain sometimes; you have got to use tons of products to wash and style it. Besides, if you are a beautiful black lady who is blessed with hair that is naturally thick and curly, long hair might just become too tiresome for you. So what can you do when you get tired of your long tresses?

For many of us, cutting it off isn’t an option. We’d rather go for hairstyles that would prevent us from continuously combing the hair.

Braids are very common and they are an amazing hairstyle but you cannot be avoiding combing your very long hair often and then jump into making very long braids. No! It doesn’t work that way. To that effect, short hairstyles come to your mind, and the first short hairstyle that we think of should be the bob braids.

Bob braids are all the rage right now and for a good reason. Not only do they look chic and fabulous, they are also super functional, easy to maintain, and take a ridiculously reduced amount of time and product to style. Need I convince you more? Well, bob braids have been around for a while and are definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. While the trend has shifted from micros to jumbos to classic poetic justice, the newest braid trend is definitely the bob.

The shorter style works as a perfect protective style transition for all the easy going ladies. Therefore, looking to be inspired on this, here are the bob braid hairstyles for you;


Hello World







Big Braids

Rolled braid

Bob braids are truly the bomb. Try yours this time!

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